The Company

db wohnbau gmbh

Based in Freilassing, db wohnbau gmbh is a modern and innovative property development company which has set itself the goal of making everyone’s dream of owning their own four walls possible.

Young entrepreneur Bastian Hollmann founded the company in 2013 to create high-quality and affordable housing.

At db wohnbau gmbh, we value high-quality planning, know-how and commercial understanding in order to achieve the standard we set ourselves. Close contact with our clients and partner companies is very important to us.

Sustainability is also an elementary part of our corporate philosophy, which is why many of our partner companies come directly from the local region. This not only protects the environment, it also enables us to achieve the highest construction quality through long-term collaboration. This enables optimal synchronisation of planning, coordination and implementation, so that nothing stands in the way of your dream of a home of your own.

Our service portfolio

A perfect service for satisfied clients

Project development

  • Creation of the concept
  • Building Phases 1-9

Phase 1

Initial evaluation

Phase 2

Preliminary planning and cost estimation

Phase 3

Design planning and cost calculation

Phase 4

Approval planning

Phase 5

Implementation planning

Phase 6

Approval and preparation for award of contracts

Phase 7

Contract award and quotation

Phase 8

Site survey

Phase 9

Site management

Project management

  • Close contact with partner companies and clients
  • Consideration of all planning and implementation requests
  • Supervision and precise documentation of the entire construction project
  • Accountability
  • Contact person for all questions
  • Stakeholders

Customer service

From preliminary discussions to final approval of their future home, our clients are treated with the utmost courtesy

  • Expert advice
  • Information and assistance on financing issues
  • Time for detailed discussions when selecting fittings
  • Provision of up-to-date information on construction progress and developments
  • Setting up of owners’ association and property management

We are always available to answer your questions, even after the completion of the construction project