Project Schlesienstraße 3 - Teisendorf

We create a cosy home in the Schlesienstraße 3 in Teisendorf. The village of Teisendorf is tranquil and very liveable, because its location and proximity to excursion and city destinations are remarkable. You have it very close if you want to go to Salzburg or Berchtesgaden, for example. Traditional events with a lot of customs take place there all year round. The building itself is located in an absolutely quiet and sunny residential area. Nature lovers enjoy an unobstructed view of the greenery and the mountains. It can be kept well and on beautiful days a spacious balcony or the terrace invites you to stay. Inside there is enough space for everyday life and cosy hours. The high-quality equipment and construction are a good feeling for the future.

The equipment features at a glance:

  • Climate neutral brick construction
  • Daylight baths
  • Generous underground parking spaces in sufficient number
  • internal air water heat pump technology
  • Lift system
  • spacious garden areas on the ground floor and spacious balconies

Make a note of it. Further information in our office.